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About us

Martha’s Chicken is an online platform for creating and publishing children’s books, created by Sanja Čežek, Co-founder of Fuchs+Dachs art studio from Prague. Stories we write and illustrate are especially dedicated to children with special needs, children without one or both parents and those who survived any form of physical or psychological violence in the family. Our tales teach children empathy, understanding and forgiveness. We are sending the message that it is okay to be a bit different and stand out in a very special way, but most of all we teach them how important is to love themselves first, in order to be capable of loving someone else.

If you like what we do and you would love us to write a unique story for your child, feel free to contact us. Money we receive for personalised stories will be sent to those children who need it the most. In case you are a brand or person that is interested in some form of collaboration, we would be glad to see what you have in mind.

Contact Martha's Chicken Editor: Sanja Čežek
Production: Fuchs+Dachs Studio, Prag
Developer: David Čikoš
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About us

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